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Singapore is a multi cultural society and having provision / access to almost everything that you imagine. Although every part of Singapore has shops and food courts at walk-able distance (5 to 10 minutes walk), it is still a well known fact that there are some specialized locations for each community or society (some of them are mentioned below). The branded shops and international chain shops are found almost in every shopping complex. In particular, Orchard Road and Suntec City areas have almost all the branded shops.

China Town

China town is located in south part of Singapore, very near to Central Business District. This place is well known for variety of chinese shops and every single chinese function are celebrated in very grand manner here. There are only countable number of streets and shopping complexes in China Town, which won't even take 20-30 minutes from one corner to other. But you will find almost every item that chinese require. It is good place to visit to understand the chinese culture and their habits.

Malay Village

Malay Village is located near beach road (walk-able distance from Suntec city). You can find lots of malay cultural holi places, shops, food centers and entertainment centers. This place attracts more people particularly on friday and saturday evenings. Some bars / pubs in this place even conduct BELLY DANCE shows on saturday nights. These shows are conducted very nicely by professional belly dancers from Arabia and Emirates countries. You will get the exact feeling of being in some desert functions (probably the only missing part will be, you will not see Camels). This is very good place to get malay cultural items.

Little India

Little India is located in central part of Singapore, but slightly towards south. This place is well known among Indian population in Singapore. This place has lots of Indian restaurant around and some are really authentic indian restaurant. You can find all the popular restaurant names of India in Singapore and every one claims that they are branch of those popular restaurants in India. And the fact is not every shop is a branch, but this anyway does not make any difference for you as long as you will get the taste of India. This place also has lots of indian provisional store, vegetable stores, wet markets, 24 Hrs shopping complexes.

This Little India is fully crowded (really damn crowded) on every Sunday evenings. It is better to avoid visiting this place on Sunday evening, But you should visit at least once to see how crowded it is. The possible reasons for the sunday crowd are every indian person/family are visiting here to purchase things for their full week requirements and indian workers here are having weekly get together with their friends. Sometimes Singapore police force also happens to interfere to control the crowd

Orchard Road & Suntec City

The Orchard Road and Suntec city are not really situated next to each other, it takes 20 minutes drive by car to reach one place from another, but the transport is very convenient to reach both of these places. Many of the westerners prefers these two places for shopping and staying. Most expensive hotels and shopping malls are situated on both sides of Orchard Road. Every Christmas & New Year celebrations are conducted in very grand manner here. During these period, the road traffic is completely blocked and whole road will be full of people for Christmas and New Year count down. This is good place for tourists and expensive shopping.


Singapore is fast developing nation in Asia and has world-class infrastructure in it. The educated population is high in Singapore and almost 9 out of 10 persons are aware of technologies and basic internet. But the number of on-line shopping services that are available in Singapore can be easily counted. It is definitely not as much as in USA or other countries.

The Singapore Junction . Com is one of the website which offers online shopping services in Singapore. Our shopping web site is designed in simple way, even a person not familiar with online or internet will be able to use our shopping service and do business. It is such kind of intuitive design and supports franchise model as well (Wow! This is superb). Please click the Online Shopping link available in the top of the page.

Our online shopping service provides one of the more stable platform for online selling and online buying at low cost. Due to constantly increasing online sales and online purchases everyday, we have completely automated (end to end) all our business processes for online trading.

We are trying our best to offer good deals to everyone of us. But you will still find some items at better prices in some places of Singapore, But this requires you to take all the efforts to travel and spend time to achieve this deal. The Singapore Junction . Com has been really spending considerable amount to technologies and infrastructure in order to sustain and make these online services available at your door steps. If we have your continuous support, we will be definitely able to provide you even more better deals and offers. And this is what we would like to achieve going forward.

In case if you are aware of any new item / supplier where we can get better deals, please drop an email to <> We will get in touch with them to launch their new products and new offers in this website. In this way, everyone will be benefited with the new items / new deals including the supplier themselves as they are reaching bigger population. So Please help by giving your inputs. Thanks a Million :)

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